Thursday, September 30, 2010


Poor Alexander.  He has never known how old he really is.  He has 3 older siblings to keep up with and he does a darn good job of it.  He is always outside playing with them, running around, and fighting back.  He has been jealous of all the cool things the big kids get to do; scouts, soccer, and school.

Well, he got to start school this fall since he was officially two years old.  It wouldn't be very much, just 3 days a week until noon.  But it would get him out of the house with his peers and give me a chance to grocery shop in peace.

He was very enthusiastic about starting school.  He loved going and loved coming home, so I knew we had picked the right preschool schedule for him. . . . until Tuesday.  Tuesday the big kids went to school without him.  He got left at home during drop offs and I could hear him all the way down the driveway.  He was standing at the door with shoes and his lunchbox in hand screaming and crying, "school, go, box (lunchbox)".  It continued for a few weeks.  Every Tuesday and Thursday he would cry and throw a tantrum because he couldn't go to school.  I tried taking him with me for drop offs, but that just meant wrestling him at the school to get him back into his car seat.

As soon as we could we upped his preschool to 5-days a week.  He loved that!  Each day he had his 'box' and he went to school with the other kids because, you know, he is big too!

Today though we had a change in plans.  He was still going to school, but not until 9:30 (after speech therapy).  We went to preschool to drop off William, but his poor 2 year old little mind didn't understand that we would be back in just an hour.  The entire preschool could hear (and see) me physically restrain him to get him back into the car seat.  Later Miss Mary asked why Alexander had such a tough time coming to school today.  I assured her it was the opposite.  He had a tough time leaving school.

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