Friday, September 24, 2010

Student of the Month

It was like a scene from "Price is Right" this morning at the elementary school.  The principal was announcing this months Students of the Month.  One student is chosen from each classroom who has demonstrated the word of the month.  This month's word is 'responsibility'.  Our own Connor-Man was one of the winners.

After each name was called a child would emerge from the group of students on the grass and run towards the principal to collect their award.  The entire school would applaud and hollering would erupt from the student's class.  Student after student ran toward the microphone area to collect his/her pencil and certificate.  This was quite the honor.  The entire school was enthusiastic.

Then they called "Connor Dickson".  He walked forward solemnly.  No smile, no enthusiasm.  In fact, you would think he was being punished, not rewarded.  Then all the parents rushed forward to take pictures of the group of winners.  Connor was scowling.  It was time for an individual picture, this time he was glaring at me.  I was so confused.  What had happened?!

The poor little man was simply embarrassed.  He doesn't appreciate the lime-light.  Once I got him away from the group and away from the other cameras he smiled and I got a great picture.  He told us that he was proud and he was happy to be an award winner.

He is so much like his daddy.

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