Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nine Tiny Blankets

This year in an effort to be green and economical I made tiny quilts out of scrap materials in my fabric drawer. It was quite a lot of fun making tiny quilts and remember the scraps from baby quilts I had made for my niece, nephews and my own boys. I even have some scraps mixed in from my mother. These quilts have so many memories in them and I have they bring peace and comfort to their new owners.

Included in the 9 blankets are 3 crotched blankets donated by dear friends. One lady donated 2 blankets in memory of her own son Elijah who is in heaven with my sons. These boys will never be forgotten here on earth. I'm so happy that I am able to find productive way to honor their memory and provide a tad of comfort to other mother, sisters in grief.

The tiny quilts vary in size from 14 x 25 inches all the way to 20 x 29 inches. It really depends on the size of the scraps. The crotched blankets are crib sized. Since there is such a variety of size I am hoping the labor and delivery nurses can choose just the right blanket for just the right family.

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