Thursday, September 30, 2010


I wouldn't say high school was great for me.  I didn't have a lot of friends in high school.  Sure I had a group I hung out with and one or two people who I socialized with outside of school.  But for the most part I kept to myself and read books when friends weren't available.  I was envious of the popular crowd who always had the best spot in the quad and were laughing and joking all the time.

Then in college I had nothing in common with the other students.  Most of them were 3-5 years younger than me and living on campus.  Which means their biggest concerns were which party to go to on Friday night.  I, on the other hand, worked 30ish hours a week, commuted to school and still volunteered on the side.  My goal was to get through college as quick as possible and get a job.  That plan didn't leave much time for frivolity.

Then I got my first teaching job.  I loved teaching.  I was by far the youngest teacher at the school.  And although everyone was very nice, helpful and kind, I still didn't find a close friend.  But the ladies at the school were happy to collaborate with me and chat about teacher stuff.

As a parent I have really come into my own.  I know who I am and what I value in a friendship.  I have met several ladies who I would call sisters in parenthood.  They have really been there for me over the years; we have had birthday parties, baptisms, new babies, church, soccer, all of it.  Its been even more fun as the kids are starting to do extracurricular activities.  A few ladies in particular have been fabulous about taking my child along for soccer practice or a trip to the beach.  Things I would love to do if I weren't in my 8th month of pregnancy and dragging 3 other kids along with me.

If all that weirdness in my early high school and adulthood years was a trade off for the great friends and good times I have now, then it was totally worth it.  We have had so many great summer afternoons where everyone brings a dish, kids play, and the grown ups catch up.  I have had so many wonderful meals with out kids, some with kids, playdates with all the children.  I feel very blessed.

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