Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Earning my Macaroni Necklace

I had big plans this week.  More importantly I didn't have too many plans since I have finally gotten caught up on household chores.  I planned on a bunch of nothing while the kids were at school; maybe grabbing a meal with a friend, going to the fabric store, watching some of those season premieres on the DVR.

But Monday night was spent up and down all night with fever induced nightmares.  Then Tuesday morning 1/2 the kids woke up with fevers and headaches and whining.  I wasn't feeling so hot either.  Well, actually I WAS feeling hot and nauseated - thanks to the last trimester of my pregnancy.  But my darling little kids curled right up next to me; tiny little hot water heaters warming my body.

I was patient, mostly, but then we got out the sleeping bags so everyone could have their own space (mommy too!).  I complained to my husband about how they were all sick and clingy and just wanted to be on me, but I wasn't feeling well either and wanted to be left alone.  He reminded me that its days like this that I earn my 'bling'; those lovely macaroni necklaces that I get in May.

I wonder what I will be doing today to earn my macaroni necklace . . . .

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