Monday, August 2, 2010

Not as Planned

I confess I hate the park. I do not enjoy taking the kids to the park at all. There is sand and dirt, bugs, restrooms that are too far away, which means taking all 4 kids to the bathroom together or letting one or two go alone. Its a hassle to pack everything up.

Instead we have a lovely gated yard complete with a swing set in the back. The kids can play outside, use a clean restroom all while I catch up on dishes or laundry. The kids really rule the outside of the house, as long as they don't break anything. They can arrange their play equipment, have a picnic on the grass, go barefoot and dig up my planters. The trade off is that we don't go to the park.

But every once in a while I do take them to the park. Just this last Sunday we had an outing of buying new soccer equipment for the impending AYSO season. I packed a dinner and blanket and snacks. We bought the new balls and cleats and brought along our goal. Even though the park was packed we found a spot on the far side of the park that was mostly shady and away from everyone else.

Caskey and I settled onto the blanket, enjoyed the shade and read our books. I was hoping for an hour or two of reading while the kids played and ate dinner. The weather was perfect.

The kids didn't last 20 minutes. Every two minutes one of them was complaining about not wanting to play, its too hot, they are too thirsty. Oh my! No playing was done and certainly no relaxing. We packed up and headed home.

That is why I don't take the kids to the park.

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