Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alexander's Reminder

On Alexander's 2nd birthday he tried to drown. We went to Vegas for the weekend with friends and took a quick dip before dinner. I got in the pool with all 4 kids, 2 water safe, one terrified of the water, and Alexander. I put his swim vest on his. And I still Thank God that I did. The big kids swam around, throwing balls and racing plastic boats. William entertained himself on the stairs in his vest. He isn't confident in the water and stays near the steps, which is fine with me since he isn't completely water safe. But Alexander has a zest for life. Everything he does is big. He took to immediately jumping off the side of the pool and into my waiting arms.

We took turns; William jumped, then Alexander jumped. I should have known that it was an accident waiting to happen when Alexander starting jumping at the same time as William. I put both boys on the stairs within arms reach of me, took a sip of bottled water and answered a question for William about what kind of dessert we would be having for Alexander's birthday.

Then I turned behind me and saw Alexander floating face down prone in the water. He wasn't struggling, he was still. I scooped him up and he immediately started coughing and breathing. He must have climbed up the stairs, walked behind me and jumped in all without me noticing. Alexander was done swimming after that. I wouldn't let him near the pool anymore.

I am still in shock now that there were 4 adults in the pool and a professional lifeguard and no one noticed him. Caskey tries to comfort me and say that he must have just popped up when I noticed him. Also, he wasn't blue so he must not have been in the water very long. But it was enough of a scare that I won't take 2 non-swimmers in the pool anymore.

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