Saturday, July 24, 2010

Buyer's Remorse

I think Lainy Ann is going to be a politician. She can convince Connor to do ANYTHING. Lately he has been saying "I hope the new baby is a girl because Lainy Ann wants a sister."

A few days ago after nap/rest time Lainy Ann and Connor told me about their plan. They were going to pool their money and save up for something that was in the American Girl Catalog. Warning bells are going off in my head. I know there is lots not right about this 'plan', but walking the fine line of letting them spend their own money and making good decisions and letting Connor be taken advantage of was going to be difficult.

Connor starts to tell me all the great aspects of this 'plan'. The set they want to buy has 2 dolls; a boy and a girl so Connor can have one too. Well, Connor never plays with dolls and Lainy Ann rarely plays with hers. So spending $95 on dolls doesn't sounds like a great plan, especially since Connor will be footing most of the bill.

I remind them that if they both have $50 right now that they can buy two Nintendo DS games right now instead of waiting to buy dolls later. Not only is that a better purchase, one they both will like to use. But its significantly cheaper as well.

Off to the store we went with Lainy Ann's $7 and Connor's $45. The idea was that they could buy 2 games; one they both agreed on and another than Connor chose. The deciding process was a nightmare and emotions ran high. But finally it was time to purchase. I herded 3 of the kids outside with me while Connor and Daddy stayed inside counting money. They came up a little short (tax will get you every time) and Daddy covered the difference. He gave the cashier a $20 bill and kept Connor's bag of change which was mostly pennies and slightly less than $20.

Oh my! If looks could kill! Connor was angry and hurt that Daddy had stolen his money. We went round and round with him about how Daddy had paid the lady and we didn't want to hold up the line by counting out all the pennies. We talked about returning the games so he could have the money, but he wanted both - money and new games.

Connor would not or could not understand. So we went home and counted out the money. It equaled $17 dollars, which meant Connor still owed Daddy $3. He has been doing more chores ever since to earn more money. I hope he has learned a valuable lesson about trusting your daddy at the store and when he says "I will take care of it" just say "thanks dad".

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