Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was very excited to have a cat in our home when we didn't have any kids, but now that we have 4 kids I really take him for granted and yell at him a bit when he wakes me up too early in the morning. But I need to remember that he has a valuable role in our family.

William is very smitten with the cat. We recently went on a vacation whirlwind and each time we have come home he sits with kitty and loves on him and pets him for 30 minutes. Then for the next several days he sits with kitty, follows him around and if William has to leave the room he says, "mommy, can you watch kitty?".

While we were in Florida William was very concerned about Kitty and who was watching him. Then when we got home the kitty-sitter's son was sad to say good-bye.

Kitty is the most patient and sociable kitty I have ever met. When new children come into the home Kitty is content to let them pet him, pull his tail and essentially beat him up. He puts up with it for about 20 minutes before he runs away. He has never hurt one of our kids, if he gets the slightest bit annoyed a simple nip or bat at the head reminds the child to be gentle and polite.

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