Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As a mom we worry about our kids all the time, but mostly about their future. I haven't ever worried much about Lainy Ann's future. She will do just fine. She is headstrong, organized and a leader. I am mostly worried about the two of us surviving until adulthood for her. Did I mention we both are headstrong?

Lately I have been worrying about the school years. Next year she will be in 3rd grade and I am worrying about boyfriends and peer pressure and all of it. But she has told me two stories recently that have reminded me that she will make it.

Last week her class went on a field trip. First she told me that she couldn't believe a single person wasn't sitting in a booster. In California the law to ride without a booster is 6 years OR 60 lbs. Therefore, all these 2nd graders were following the law, but some of her peers are little peanuts and certainly not safe in only a seat belt. When they ride in my car they are in a booster or sometimes a car seat.

Then she went on to tell me that her friend was riding with her shoulder strap behind her back. My confident little girl told one of the most popular girls in class that what she was doing was unsafe. She told her that it didn't matter if the seat belt was uncomfortable, its better to be safe than wear the seat belt improperly. Not only did she continue to wear her seat belt correctly but she spoke up about being safe.

Today there was a chorus party after school. Normally I make something healthy for her to share, but I have been feeling like I need to give a little and let her fit in more. So I bought Lofthouse cookies, you know, the ones covered in icing. They are more of a cupcake than a cookie. After school she tells me about the party and about all the junk food there was. She said that there were only 2 fruit choices and the rest were cookies, cupcakes and brownies. She went on to tell me that the teacher had brought only soda and water to drink, no juice. My darling daughter chose water to drink because she knows she isn't allowed to drink soda. Everyone had soda except for her and 2 other kids. She cried while telling me the story. I'm not sure if she was crying because she didn't get soda, because she was sugar-crashing (although I am leaning towards this one) or because she wanted to be like the other kids.

Any way you slice it my daughter has now been without me two times and made the choices that our family supports. I am incredibly proud of her. I may just start considering a cell phone for her after all.

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