Saturday, June 19, 2010

Found Quarter

Its not often that I don't have all 4 kids with me. Even if I do, its only for a short trip to pick them up from school or a 45 minute sports class. But last Thursday my mother took Connor and William to Vegas, which left me home with only 2 kids for 24 hours. And it was my easiest two kids, the ones who can either bathe, feed and dress themselves and the other who doesn't fight with anyone. It was great.

As a treat we headed out to KFC for dinner, those pregnancy cravings haven't changed in 6 pregnancies, can you believe it? It was so nice having to only wrangle two kids in the store instead of four. After I finished giving my order I realized that Alexander was hiding something in his hand. After a bit of prompting he showed me that he had a big shiny quarter. It looked so big and wonderful in his chubby little hand, like the golden ticket that Charlie got.

We asked around and no other adult claimed it or at least wanted to spoil Alexander's good mood. He was so proud of his new found treasure and promptly put it in his pocket. The only thing he loves more than something in his pocket is a ball. Alexander's big sister spotted a super ball vending machine in the corner. With a tad bit of prompting in went the quarter and out came a bright orange ball. His eyes were so wide and excited. As we walked to the car, me with my yummy food and Alexander with his prized ball I was thankful for what a quick and easy trip it had been. Then Lainy Ann got into the car and surprised me by saying, "I am glad Alexander got a ball. He is littler than me and deserves it."

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