Sunday, June 27, 2010

"NO, Me Bite!"

There comes a point in the development of all my children when I have a huge sigh of relief. Some of those moments haven't happened yet for all my kids, but I know they are coming.

Yesterday was a huge relief for me in Alexander's verbal development. We had friends over for dinner and cupcakes and another child tried to take his cupcake. He yelled at the child, "NO, Me bite!". I was so pleased. He used a 3 word sentences to express to the other child that it was his cupcake. There was no prompting from the adults and his first inclination wasn't to act out physically (as usually happens with verbally delayed children).

I don't want to jinx it and say he is caught up, but I now know that he will be totally caught up by the time he is 3 years old. That was my biggest hope for him. A delay in verbal development really hurts a child; socially, academically and even in discipline. It takes them much longer to mature. I know a few boys who had speech delays at 18 months old, but for whatever reason didn't start services until closer to 3 years old. Now at a respective 6 years old and 5 years old they are still delayed in speech and socially, not to mention the behavior problems the parents have with those children. I'm so glad we chose not to wait. Alexander is really going to be okay . . . . at least in this respect.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Found Quarter

Its not often that I don't have all 4 kids with me. Even if I do, its only for a short trip to pick them up from school or a 45 minute sports class. But last Thursday my mother took Connor and William to Vegas, which left me home with only 2 kids for 24 hours. And it was my easiest two kids, the ones who can either bathe, feed and dress themselves and the other who doesn't fight with anyone. It was great.

As a treat we headed out to KFC for dinner, those pregnancy cravings haven't changed in 6 pregnancies, can you believe it? It was so nice having to only wrangle two kids in the store instead of four. After I finished giving my order I realized that Alexander was hiding something in his hand. After a bit of prompting he showed me that he had a big shiny quarter. It looked so big and wonderful in his chubby little hand, like the golden ticket that Charlie got.

We asked around and no other adult claimed it or at least wanted to spoil Alexander's good mood. He was so proud of his new found treasure and promptly put it in his pocket. The only thing he loves more than something in his pocket is a ball. Alexander's big sister spotted a super ball vending machine in the corner. With a tad bit of prompting in went the quarter and out came a bright orange ball. His eyes were so wide and excited. As we walked to the car, me with my yummy food and Alexander with his prized ball I was thankful for what a quick and easy trip it had been. Then Lainy Ann got into the car and surprised me by saying, "I am glad Alexander got a ball. He is littler than me and deserves it."


I was very excited to have a cat in our home when we didn't have any kids, but now that we have 4 kids I really take him for granted and yell at him a bit when he wakes me up too early in the morning. But I need to remember that he has a valuable role in our family.

William is very smitten with the cat. We recently went on a vacation whirlwind and each time we have come home he sits with kitty and loves on him and pets him for 30 minutes. Then for the next several days he sits with kitty, follows him around and if William has to leave the room he says, "mommy, can you watch kitty?".

While we were in Florida William was very concerned about Kitty and who was watching him. Then when we got home the kitty-sitter's son was sad to say good-bye.

Kitty is the most patient and sociable kitty I have ever met. When new children come into the home Kitty is content to let them pet him, pull his tail and essentially beat him up. He puts up with it for about 20 minutes before he runs away. He has never hurt one of our kids, if he gets the slightest bit annoyed a simple nip or bat at the head reminds the child to be gentle and polite.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As a mom we worry about our kids all the time, but mostly about their future. I haven't ever worried much about Lainy Ann's future. She will do just fine. She is headstrong, organized and a leader. I am mostly worried about the two of us surviving until adulthood for her. Did I mention we both are headstrong?

Lately I have been worrying about the school years. Next year she will be in 3rd grade and I am worrying about boyfriends and peer pressure and all of it. But she has told me two stories recently that have reminded me that she will make it.

Last week her class went on a field trip. First she told me that she couldn't believe a single person wasn't sitting in a booster. In California the law to ride without a booster is 6 years OR 60 lbs. Therefore, all these 2nd graders were following the law, but some of her peers are little peanuts and certainly not safe in only a seat belt. When they ride in my car they are in a booster or sometimes a car seat.

Then she went on to tell me that her friend was riding with her shoulder strap behind her back. My confident little girl told one of the most popular girls in class that what she was doing was unsafe. She told her that it didn't matter if the seat belt was uncomfortable, its better to be safe than wear the seat belt improperly. Not only did she continue to wear her seat belt correctly but she spoke up about being safe.

Today there was a chorus party after school. Normally I make something healthy for her to share, but I have been feeling like I need to give a little and let her fit in more. So I bought Lofthouse cookies, you know, the ones covered in icing. They are more of a cupcake than a cookie. After school she tells me about the party and about all the junk food there was. She said that there were only 2 fruit choices and the rest were cookies, cupcakes and brownies. She went on to tell me that the teacher had brought only soda and water to drink, no juice. My darling daughter chose water to drink because she knows she isn't allowed to drink soda. Everyone had soda except for her and 2 other kids. She cried while telling me the story. I'm not sure if she was crying because she didn't get soda, because she was sugar-crashing (although I am leaning towards this one) or because she wanted to be like the other kids.

Any way you slice it my daughter has now been without me two times and made the choices that our family supports. I am incredibly proud of her. I may just start considering a cell phone for her after all.