Monday, May 31, 2010

Large Family Problems

This world is not made for a family of more than 4. Its really aggravating. I get strange looks while driving the Monster Van, well more like smirks, like they have some private joke that I don't know about. Most restaurants are filled with booths that seat 4, so we are always stuck waiting for a table for a large party. You can just imagine the hassle we will have when we take out our immediately family for dinner after Connor-man's K graduation. We will number 13! I guess I better make reservations.

In traveling to Florida again I had to make reservations for 2 hotel rooms. I have already battled with the Grand Californian (Disney Hotel) over the need for adjoining rooms, and I lost. The easy fix then was simply to drive back home and not give them our money.

But in Florida we weren't going to have that option. But they assured me that as long as I checked in early it would be okay. Well, that would not be okay since our flight didn't land until 6 pm. So I begged and pleaded and threatened. I suggested that they provide a babysitter since they thought it was a good idea for my 7, 5 and 3 year old to sleep in a room apart from me. Finally I got a supervisor who said I could in fact have adjoining rooms. The only rub was I had to pay for the room in advance, well that's a small price to pay to ensure that I would have access to my young children.

I just can't imagine the problems we will have when we become a family of 7.

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