Wednesday, April 28, 2010

High Pain Tolerance

Alexander is the 4th child and the 3rd boy. He has been "wrestling" since he could hold up his head and chasing since he could walk. He regularly plays outside with his big siblings and gets hurt. After a quick hug he runs back outside for more play and more injuries.

I have wondered about his pain threshold for awhile. When he gets a slap on the hand for hitting, he just giggles and hits again. But today it was confirmed. Today he needed vaccinations. He laid down on the table, happy to be drawing his circles on the paper. The nurse went about her business of swabbing and readying his leg. He ignored her. She poked him. He frowned and said "ow". Then went back to drawing circles. So she poked him a 2nd time. Another frown and an "ow". More circles.

That was it. No tears, no holding him down. He is so easy going. I hope this high pain threshold doesn't mean more broken bones in the future. *knock on wood*

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