Tuesday, March 23, 2010

San Fran - 2010

Out of nowhere Caskey is getting a new job for Google. Since he has to be in Mountain View for training what better way to fit in a little family time than drive to Madras, OR and visit the relatives, then drive to SF, CA for some touristy stuff and then drop Caskey off in Mountain View and drive home in the big van by myself. Sounds fun right!

So, I am running my trip plans by you, the internet world. Let me know if you have any additions or suggestions. We will only be in SF for 2 1/2 days. We arrive Thursday evening after driving 13 hours from Oregon. We will be in San Francisco all day Friday and Saturday. Sunday I will need to leave about noon to drive 6 hours home. The kids, after all, have school on Monday morning.

On Friday we plan on touring Alcatraz, Angel Island (which technically are on the same island) and Fisherman's Wharf. Any suggestions on restaurants would be helpful. Perhaps we could take the Cable Cars to Union Square for dinner . . .

Saturday will be Yerba Gardens and Fort Point. Maybe Golden Gate Park and a visit to the Tea Garden . . .

Sunday as we leave town we will stop by Coit Tower and drive down Lombard Street.

I think we will stay at the Hilton near Fisherman's Wharf. But please comment or suggest on places to eat or must see things.

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