Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Speech - Alexander Edition

Alexander is 17 months old and seems to be taking after William rather than Lainy Ann in the speech department.

His words are:
"cheese" - when taking a picture, not the food
"kitty"/"cookie" - they sound the same
"tetetete" - his word for eat, which is really just the t-sound

The rest of his communication tools include a series of whines and screeches. The pitch tells me what he means and pointing tells me what he wants. He will also nod and shake his head.

But he is no where near average for children his age. Spending time with his cousins recently really reminded me of how delayed he really is. His receptive language is fabulous though. In fact, this morning he threw a plate to the ground and spilled food. I told him to pick it up and he did. He even picked up all the food bits.

Regardless I have called Lanterman Regional Center and we are beginning the process of evaluating for speech. It can take up to 45 days so I am glad we called when he was 17 months rather than 18 months.

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