Friday, January 15, 2010

Short-Stuff is Smart-Stuff

Four kids and they all have some striking similarities. Like all kids they adore electronics, remotes, basically anything they aren't supposed to have. The Holy Grail of all this is untouchable is Daddy's Office. It is his sanctuary, as it should be, he works from home occasionally and he revives my dead camera, cell phone or Nintendo DS, because the kids played with it. I can only imagine that it is beautiful to a child; 3 huge landscape flat screen monitors, tons of tiny screwdrivers, which seem to be the perfect size for tiny hands.

Alexander has discovered this magical place. He is only *allowed* back there under supervision in the arms of an adult. At which point he wiggles and squirms and gives out adorable smiles until he gets what he wants - to be put on the ground where he can reach everything. But even better than that is to sneak back to the office undetected so he has a few minutes alone to explore to his hearts content. But short-stuff has gotten too smart for his own good. Now when he sneaks down the stairs he closes the gate behind him. That way when I panic and can't find him I immediately dismiss the office because, well, the gate is closed.

He hasn't figured out how to cover his tracks yet. Just yesterday he left a tell-tale half eaten granola bar next to the mouse. He must have discarded it in glee ready to start using the computer. I think he may have accidentally discarded my husbands emails too . . . . .

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