Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My mother historically has the kids spend the night several times a year. Once of those times is our anniversary. Although we usually go to dinner and then home afterward it is wonderful to get to spend some alone time and all night long alone time together. There will be no late night requests for water, or a nursing session and no one will be waking us up before dawn for cartoons and breakfast.

Our anniversary is in October so it makes sense to have a Halloween-themed sleepover with the kids. My mother spent time figuring out fun Halloweeny foods and crafts. She made sure the house was decorated before they came over and had a lot of fun with it. She ended up letting the kids make their own croissant hot dogs, but since it was Halloween they called them mummy dogs.

Fast forward to the Advent season when we had more croissant hot dogs. Connor tells me "They can't be called mummy-dogs because it isn't Halloween, so they must be called 'Jesus-Dogs'."

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