Wednesday, December 16, 2009

G1 better than the iphone

I'm not sure when my Google obsession began. It may have been when their search engine first debuted. Once I found Google I was hooked and I never used Yahoo again. Google just kept expanding their products. I love Google Maps and stopped using other map websites years ago. And Google shopping. I not only use Google shopping when looking for the best price on items, but I also use Google Checkout so I don't need to give my credit card and personal information to a business I have never heard of before. Google Checkout is so easy to use, that I have probably bought more than I needed.

It wasn't hard for me to transition to Gmail and Google Calendar. As a family we started using Google Calendar almost 2 years ago and haven't looked back. Its been a great tool for keeping track of 6 different schedules and coordinating childcare responsibilities with my husband.

So when I heard about the new Google phone I was sold. We had been kicking around the idea of the iphone for a while, because I also love Mac. Our last 5 computer purchases have all been Mac. But iphone contracted with AT&T, a notoriously spotty provider in our neighborhood. So we were in a tough spot, we wanted the newest coolest smart phone, but didn't want to waste money on a phone that was unreliable.

The G1 was contracting with our provider. And the release date was just before my birthday. I even went into the store several times before the release date to play with the phone and make sure it was what we wanted.

I have had my phone for 16 months now. It was initially cheaper than the Iphone ($150) and it has tons of apps, most of which are free. It works great with my gmail, texting, Facebook, and google calendar, etc. I can't tell you how much I love this phone. I am able to surf the web and find addresses and stores very easily. I most often use the search feature when we are traveling to find a restaurant or store.

I have downloaded many apps for my kids; connect four, hangman, math flashcards, coloring, etc. My 6 year old and even the baby have apps they use while we are waiting at the doctors office or trying to keep a toddler quiet at church. I am always able to wash off the sticky fingerprints and still use the touch screen. Last summer the baby put the very first scratch on the screen when he scraped it against a rock on the ground. It still worked.

It has been dropped (or thrown) many times, but today the baby was pissed at me and threw the phone from a shopping cart. It landed just right and the screen cracked.
[caption id="attachment_571" align="alignnone" width="360" caption="Cracked, but still working"]Cracked, but still working[/caption]
I began mourning for my friend, my phone, my confidant. The one who has kept me entertained at soccer practice and waiting for school to let out. The one who notified me of a tsunami alert (via weatherbug app) while we were in Hawaii and flash flood warnings here at home, the one who always helps me find the closest Wendy's, the one who ensures I am on time for appointments or at least know that I am late for them, and the one who is a flashlight in hotel rooms.

But after spending $5 at the store on a screen protector I will still be able to use the phone. I purchased it mostly to protect me from any broken glass as it breaks off. I am amazed that the touch screen STILL WORKS. I am honestly in love with this phone. I can't believe how durable it is.

UPDATE: My darling most wonderfully handy husband FIXED my cell phone. He ordered a new screen online ($60) and a set of screwdrivers. I bid farewell to my phone and held my breath as it underwent surgery.

[caption id="attachment_600" align="alignnone" width="360" caption="Don\'t Sneeze - the disassebled phone"]Don't Sneeze - the disassebled phone[/caption]

Voila! He fixed it. Good as new. I added a protector case, which is ugly and bulky, but I'm hoping it will add just a tiny bit of protection in the future.

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