Wednesday, November 18, 2009

X-Ray Eyes

Connor has x-ray eyes. For weeks he has been telling me he can see all the blood and bones inside of me. I try and trick him and say, "oh yeah, then what did I have for lunch?" knowing full well he say what I ate. He smirks pretty big and pretty proud of himself as he answers me correctly.

Last night Santa visited to give the kids a little encouragement on good behavior for the next few weeks. He left letters, glitter (now being called freezy-eazy snow because it doesn't melt) and a jingle bell. We all marveled about how he got into our house with no one noticing. Then Connor say, "I saw Santa last night". So we asked him questions about Santa so he could play expert and tell us what his super x-ray eyes saw. Then he says, "I can see everything in the whole world". I said, "Really? What is Grandma doing right now?"

Connor replies, "Uh oh. They just shut off. My x-ray eyes aren't working anymore. They do that, turn on and off like that whenever they want."

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