Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mommy's Little Girl

My planner girl. Boy do I love her. A few weeks ago I lost my Driver's License at Disneyland. We spent a bit of time retracing our steps and visiting lost and found. Ultimately we threw in the towel and just headed home. We had many discussion about the importance of having my driver's license and how it was required to drive.

Bright and early Monday morning Lainy Ann tells me her plan. If I get pulled over while driving her to school I should leave the cell phone in the car. That way if I am arrested she can call Daddy to come pick up her and her brothers. But if that doesn't work she will be sure to walk them home for me. *giggle*

She is such a sweet innocent child, always planning and taking care of the family. I assured her that I wouldn't be arrested for simply not having my license, but if I was pulled over it was possible I would get a ticket for not having it. I also assured her that she would not have to walk her brother's home. But I certainly am proud of her for planning and problem solving, even before the need arises. She certainly is her mommy's little girl.

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