Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Adventure

Caskey is always telling me to relax and be more spontaneous. He tells me its not about the destination, but about getting there. I have a hard time with that concept, so I plan everything to the last detail. My spontaneous trips are when the departure time is in a 2 hour window. But even when I plan the littlest detail an adventure can still happen.

Last weekend we set out to attend a Civil War Reenactment in Moorpark at Tierra Rejada Ranch. We planned it for almost 2 weeks, including looking up the schedule online, accounting for snacks, travel time and clothing. We decided to take the Big Van (Monster Van) and go with my mom and step-dad. My step-dad even has some of the reenactment clothing so he was going to bring his gear so he could "play" too.

Everything was according to schedule, well for us, we were 10 minutes late. I pottied everyone before getting in the car and snacked them. But 30 minutes into our drive William tells me he needs to use the restroom. Well, there is no telling a 3 year old bladder to simply hold it. So we started our adventure. We got off the freeway and started looking for a bathroom. We found a Jack-in-the-Box and headed inside where I realized William was just bored riding in the car and did NOT have to potty. *sigh* We were going to be late to the event and the baby had been woken up, all for nothing.

But things were much worse than that. The Monster Van chose that exit to blow a fuse. Our car no longer started. Connor kept trying to suggest ways to fix the car, God love him. Thanks goodness for Google Phone because I was able to find a local dealership and ask him why it wouldn't start. Thanks goodness for grandparents because they could entertain the kids while Caskey fiddled under the hood and I read the manual. So there we were stuck at Jack-in-the-Box until we could fix the problem or even figure out the problem to fix.

While we waited the boys got their haircut, professionally, and even got a lollipop afterward. Since we were stranded we ended up walking to 3 different hair salons ranging in price from $12 to $40 for a simple haircut. The kids played in the outdoor seating area while we waited for the other grandma to drive out an extra key and try to save us. The extra key didn't work either, so it was time to call in the big guns, AAA. The kids got to see the Monster Van lifted and towed away. The boys (all 5 of them - Caskey and Tom) were fascinated. Then we got to drive 3 miles all squished into the little van to drop the car at the dealership.

Eventually we headed on our way to the Civil War Reenactment. We were a few hours late, but had fun nonetheless. We saw tents and campfires, rifles and cannons, ladies in period dress and horses ready for battle. We listened to President Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg address. We watched a cannon demonstration and saw the Wilderness, Day 2 Battle. Papa fought for the North and won. Then we ended the evening with dinner out.

But at the end of the day we asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was. It was a toss up between tow truck and cannons.

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