Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trip Around California (in progress)

I was born and raised in California, but even so I don't think I know all about California. I can tell you quite a bit about Disneyland though. And I think the same is true for our children. So next summer (2010) we will be taking an extended trip around California. We will be visiting everything north of Santa Barbara. We are saving anything within 3 hours of our home for extended weekend trips or even day trips.

I will be using this blog to gather ideas, destinations, points of interests, hotels, routes, etc over the next several months. I am hoping you will add to it so we can plan a great trip for our kids.

1. Bodie, CA - a ghost town with 200 building standing and no tourist traps

2. San Francisco; Alcatraz, Angel Island, Golden Gate Bridge, Yerba Gardens, Trolley Cars

Hilton Hotel in Oakland - very family friendly including a game room

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