Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Yell or To Play

It was Connor's birthday The weapons were a paper airplane, a nerf gun without ammo, and a curling iron. I could hear the whispering in the other room while I was frosting the cake. Then Lainy Ann yelled "go". William was in the lead and rushed in the kitchen from around the corner to poke me in the butt with the paper airplane. In that moment I had a choice, holler and tell them to get out of the kitchen because we were having a party in an hour or play with them.

I chose the latter. I roared and tackled William and tickled him until Connor came at me for the second wave of attacks. Apparently the proper usage of a nerf gun without ammo is to repeatedly poke mom in the back. So I grabbed Connor and roared and put him on the tickle pile. It was so easy to pin them both to the ground and tickle them. Then the 3rd wave came at me, Alexander had an unplugged curling iron. He started poking and roaring too. As I turned to grab him and include him in our play Lainy Ann reached in and grabbed her brother's and pulled them to safety.

They would regroup around the corner and whisper. Then the attacking would start over again. We spent a bunch of time running around the house, tickling, laughing and poking mommy.

It was great seeing how the kids fit into their roles in the game. William wanted to be in the lead and Lainy Ann, who was unarmed, stayed in the rear, the brains of the operation and the one who rescued the boys from mommy-the tickle monster. Even Alexander was part of the team, toddling in with the curling iron - snap, snap, snap.

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