Friday, July 3, 2009


We have doing a lot of learning about the value of money lately. I usually compare a purchase to the price of everyone eating at Mc Donald's. So when they ask for a toy I compare the cost of it to the cost of other things we do or will be doing. Just recently the children had to earn back their scooters by doing chores at $0.10/ea. Now they have connected hard work with payment and money, which you can then buy things with.

So when Connor heard that his good buddy was coming over to play he knew he would need his bike at our house, instead of at Grandma's where it usually is. The problem is it doesn't fit in my car. I told Connor that we weren't going to be able to bring it home. He came up with the idea that Papa should bring it in his truck. So he dug all his money out of his piggy bank and put it in a ziploc bag, safe for the travels to Grandma's house.

When we got there he shoved all the money into Papa's hands. Papa was quite surprised as he wasn't sure why he was being given money. So we talked Connor through the process of asking Papa for a favor. Papa told him that delivery of a bike was cheap, only 11 cents. Connor counted it out for Papa and the following day we had the delivery of a bike.

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