Saturday, June 13, 2009


Or is it Shawn? Lainy Ann starts screaming out a warning or in fear, "Sean"! Who is Sean you ask? Our pet Roly Poly.

We are having some yard work done and poor Sean has had a bad day. First he was dug up and his home of ivy was destroyed. Then he was man-handled, um, kid-handled. He has a house of bricks and they gave him some food of berries and sticks. No dirt. I don't know how well he will do living in his new home But they have been entertained most of the afternoon; gathering, collecting, and building. As the workmen got ready to leave they first used a leaf blower to get rid of the extra dirt on the driveway. Poor Sean was caught in his own roly-poly-tornado.

UPDATE: He was found and has been returned to his rightful place; a brick house in the driveway. Poor Sean will be squished later when I decide to move my car . . . . .

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