Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you peruse my blog you will see stories of my too-smart-for-their-britches kids. I love them to pieces, but their intelligence can be maddening sometimes. My husband likes to joke that with four kids in the family they will be able to out-smart me before I know it.

Well, it seems Alexander is taking after his siblings in the smarty-pants department. The other day I was putting a blanket over his head and playing peek-a-boo with him, but after about 3 turns I began talking with Caskey. Well, that wasn't good enough. He pulled the blanket over his own head and began to giggle. Sure enough, when I said "Where's Alexander?" he pulled the blanket down. We had to repeat the game several more times with him putting the blanket over his head.

He has also followed in William's footsteps and discovered how very yummy the power cord to my laptop is. William rusted out 2 power cords and my goal this time, aside from the obvious - to avoid electrocution - is to not have to buy a new one at all. He has started his mini-tantrums when we take the power cord or other deliciously dangerous item away from him. But now he is hiding his vice. I discovered him under the coffee table. He had pulled the cord under the table so he could suck on it in peace and out of sight. Now that I have secured the cord out of reach he is hiding under the table with other items. I have caught him with a rock, a pencil, and lots of carpet lint all in his mouth.

He is copying now too. If I jiggle him and sing and then stop, he will then bounce and babble. Its absolutely adorable. And I know that all other babies do the same thing. But this is my baby doing it. So I find it much much more adorable.

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