Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Last Domain

If you know me at all you know that I can be a little controlling. Nothing makes me happier than being in charge of my environment and "keeping house". Every time we stay at a hotel I spend the first 10 minutes rearranging things and sometimes furniture. Its really no wonder I became a teacher.

I promised myself that no matter what our bedroom would still remain a sanctuary. So I decorated our room with our prized possessions. Then we had Lainy Ann, she moved into our room - her clothes, her baby bathtub, her bassinet.

And so it went. We added baby gates, moved breakables up higher, moved the tupperware drawer lower, and baby locks on everything. Then we moved. I didn't even bother unpacking the breakables this time. Our bedroom became the storage room piled high with too-small clothes and a dusty bassinet. But at least my yard was still nice.

Then they got old enough to play outside by themselves. Once again I gave up. The kids had taken over my yard - but I was proud of them as they dug my boxes out of the trash and created robots and forts and dinosaurs. Most of the time my yard is trashed, literally. There are boxes and broken toys all over the yard and if I dare throw them away, well, you can imagine the uproar.

But this weekend I lost my last spot - my driveway. The kids spent the weekend dismantling our brick drainage system, you know, the one that keeps my garage from flooding, and rearranging the bricks as an obstacle course in the driveway for their scooters. They dug MORE boxes out of the trash and placed them strategically as well. I had to park on the street. At least the grass is green, somewhere under all that stuff.

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