Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Creative punishment

Lainy Ann and Connor got their very own scooters

So the kids have been riding their scooters in the driveway and street lately, but they will just drop them and leave them on the curb next to the street. These are razors. Some teenager will walk by and just swipe it. For 2 weeks we have been reminding them to put them away and often times putting them away myself.

On Saturday night they left them by the curb with their helmets - that's at least $150 of gear! Caskey "took" them and hid them in my car. It took 24 hours until they noticed they were gone. We let them stew for a bit and cry for a bit about them being "stolen", then we told them the truth. So their punishment is they have to do chores around the house to earn $5 to buy back their scooters.

They have already earned $1 after spending an hour helping me fold and put away 6 loads of laundry. They will spend the rest of the week earning a dime or a quarter at a time doing chores.

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