Thursday, May 28, 2009

The 'Lasts'

This last month has been a busy one. And since my blog is down you all got spared the multitude of entries detailing these tiny accomplishments. As we near the end of the school year, and in our house, a bunch of summer birthdays I am reminded that although my kids are growing up and doing new things and having "firsts" that means they have had "lasts" too.

Alexander no longer does laps around the coffee table. A hundred times a day I would put toys on the coffee table just so he could cruise over to them and toss them to the floor. Round and round he would go, only left, around the coffee table. I could put things out of reach and not worry about him making a mess or hurting himself. But that is all over now. He has recently learned to crawl, roll over, get into a sitting position, pull to standing (sometimes), and flop down and crawl away from the coffee table. He still however, only cruises left. Now we are concerned with keeping doors and gates closed so he doesn't play in the toilet or fall down the stairs. I can't even remember the last time he only went left around the table . . . .

William is officially potty-trained. Its been going on for months, but this week we were out of the house the whole day and there were no accidents. He even told us when he had to go pee and poop. Its quite an accomplishment and we will be celebrating with some new underwear. Although changing the last poopy diaper isn't a fond memory I will likely cherish, it is a last I don't remember happening. He will be turning 3 in a few months and he is truly on his way to being a big boy. In fact, there isn't much about him that screams baby anymore. He has been sleeping in a bunk bed for 6 months now. He is diaper-free. And every time I turn around I see him helping or doing it "by myself". He likes to help in any capacity; emptying the dishwasher, making a peanut butter sandwich, packing lunches and folding clothes. He is actually good at helping now.

Connor is reading. I can't believe it. He isn't even sounding out the words, he has a magnificent sight-word vocabulary if you consider that he is 4 1/2. The kids quiz each other on math facts in the car. Just the other day they exclaimed how strange it was that this other little boy doesn't know what 3+3 is. After all, he is 4 years old, he should know what 3+3 is.

Lainy Ann will be in 2nd grade next year. She has been pestering me for weeks to start walking to school. She spends her free time writing stories and to-do lists in her journal. Her play-time is largely made up of organizing. She cleans her room, organizes the boys into a new game, or rearranges all of the outdoor toys and furniture into a house. She has become more aware of other people too. She spends her time thanking me and giving out hugs and kisses. She is always buttering up her father telling him he did a good job making dinner or fixing a toy. Its amazing how she is already working her feminine-wiles.

I need to remind myself to enjoy the 'lasts' as much as I look forward to the 'firsts'. As Alexander approaches his first birthday I have been really focused on him waving, talking, and walking. But instead I should enjoy him for who he is now. Because before long he will join the smelly-ranks of my other 3 grown-up children who like to spend long hours outside pretending and riding bikes in the street. Not sitting on my lap and snuggling.

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