Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Man

Mother's Day becomes so much more special when you are the mother. It got even better once the kids started school and I got popsicle stick picture frames and pasta necklaces and a bouquet of paper flowers. I even get to spend some one-on-one time celebrating with my child at the preschool. The last few years they have hosted a Mother's Day tea with mini muffins and apple juice in tiny cups. We sit in tiny chairs, make a craft, share a snack and take a pictures. We wear too-big hats and feather boas and have "tea". Its fun to play dress up with your child for a little bit.

This year the school hosted a Mother's Day shopping spree. We went to the 'food court' for our snack. In the pet store we glued paper fish onto paper fish bowls. At the show store we stuck jewels and buttons onto paper shoes. At the flower store we used dot markers to decorate our coffee-filter-flowers. And the jewelry store had all the supplies for beaded necklaces.

I try to do all the stations first with one child and then the other. After all, its the perfect opportunity to spend one-on-one time. Its at the preschool, so there are plenty of activities for the other child to do while he waits. First William and I visited all of our 'stores', took a picture and I opened my popsicle picture frame gift. I had asked Connor to play with his friends and wait for me. But when I got to his room to start shopping with him he looked at me like I had 2 heads.

Me: Okay Connor, Let's shop!
C: Now? (exasperated)
Me: yes! (excited to play with him)
C: really? (in a bored voice)
Me: well, not really. We are going to pretend shop at the preschool.
C: Do I have to?
I started to say no, but then I realized "Yes, you do"

So he hung in for barely 2 stores. He kept asking to go back and play with his friends. I can't believe he is growing up so quickly and loving his friends so much. My husband says its only a matter of time before its his girlfriend, instead of his friends, that are the priority. At least I still get to kiss and hug him in the morning, sometimes.

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  1. That sounds like such a cool Mothers Day program at the school!