Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'm not very sports-minded and never have been. I can't even tell you what sport is in season; my guess is basketball or baseball, but honestly I have no idea. I think my dad cured me of that. When I was growing up every single weekend there was sports on the television; football, basketball, baseball even golf. Fortunately we got our own television in our bedroom when we were pre-teens. We were even drug along to Lakers basketball games in the 80's, the time of Kareem and Magic. I look back on it now as being pretty cool and part of something nifty, but back then I was bored to death and exhausted by the time we got home.

I have been avoiding competitive sports for some time now. The kids are plenty active in gymnastics and swimming classes. Connor has recently started taking a sports skills class that is a combination of teaching the very basics of sports and also tumbling. He really enjoys it but a lot of his friends are in T-ball or soccer.

So we took the plunge and pre-registered him for fall soccer, in April. That's right the season doesn't begin for 4 months. I have been very hesitant and nervous about enrolling him in soccer. The commitment scares me. I have heard stories of extreme parents and committing every Saturday, rain or shine, is not really my idea of fun. As a result I have poured over the AYSO website, reading every aspect of it to know what to expect. I pre-pre-registered him 2 months ago and then had to walk the paperwork in this weekend.

We were turned away because we didn't have his birth certificate with us. Can you believe it? I have signed him up for the Under-5 division; no scores, no practices, and no goal keepers, but I still need proof of his age. Ridiculous! Honestly, who would lie to get their 6-year-old into the Under-5 division just so the child has an advantage 3 years from now. I don't think I am cut out for this sports-thing.

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