Monday, March 30, 2009

Moms of Boys Unite!

There is a conspiracy in the fashion world. Its almost sexism. Girls clothes are preferred over boys clothes. All the girls clothes gets special treatment. They are in the fashionable colors. They get priority placement at the cash register. The boy clothes are hidden in the back corner and have far fewer choices.

My littlest dude is ready for shoes. Not real ones from Stride Rite. No the soft soled ones that are sort-of shoes, but not really. He is starting to stand and before the month is out he will be needing shoes for when we are out and about so he can stand on the filthy floor at McD's. In the past I have purchased the Robeez. This time we are going to try out the Pedipeds.

I typed in ready to find lots of cute little boy 'shoes' to choose from. The three pics on the home page is a large one of 8 little girls sitting in their Easter Finest on a garden bench swinging their pediped-clad feet back and forth. The next picture is a close up of those adorable white buckled shoes and the 3rd picture is the same shoes in the soft soled variety.

Yes! I get it. Boys aren't cute. Girls clothes are cuter. But my not-cute boy will one day grow up to squish a spider for that squealing girl in her Mary Janes or he will take out the trash for the same little girl so her dress doesn't get ruined. So please don't ignore the boys moms, um, I mean the boys.

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