Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Grab a Booster

I still remember exactly when Lainy Ann first got into the car with a non-family member. I was petrified. She was invited to a birthday party that she desperately wanted to attend at the dreaded CEC. The whole class was invited and from the sound of things she would be the only one not attending. I can't remember why, but we had a serious schedule conflict, even my mother was busy. So it was time to start looking outside of the family. But never before had anyone driven her. I finally bit the bullet and asked another mother from Lainy Ann's class. It may have seemed that easy from her perspective, but it wasn't. In hushed whispers I asked other teachers and the director about her morals, parenting and integrity. I asked about her son so I understood their value system. And then finally, in a fit of panic, I secretly copied down her license plate number. She and I have become great friends and laugh about it now.

But just yesterday I planned a playdate for Connor and with little to no thought I suggested the other mother pick him up from preschool. After she drove away I realized how very little I know about her. I know the street she lives on, her first name - NOT her last - and the name of her two kids. Her value system matches ours, but I don't even know what kind of car she drives. The cops will love it when I have to explain that its "a large black SUV with a 3rd row", real helpful!

I will make sure I find out her last name between now and then. But I can't believe how relaxed I am about this. To top it all off Connor is a full year younger than Lainy Ann was when she was allowed to ride in someone else's car. I'm not sure if my relaxed attitude is because he is my second child or that I am so much more busy now with 4 kids. But I really shocked myself yesterday. At least I still remember what its like to be protective of your first.

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