Friday, March 27, 2009


They are all gone. All that is left is a few pairs of underwear that are as big as a circus tent and just as brightly colored and 2 bathing suits. There are no more maternity clothes in this house. Wow. I might actually cry. Well, the only thing that will keep me from crying is that I gave them to a good friend with the stipulation that she give them back "just in case". Its given me an out. I can have them back if I want them or if I need them. I love having the safety net of getting rid of things and no intentions of having more babies, but I can still change my mind or have it changed for me.

I can't believe that I have been doing the baby/pregnant thing for 7 years now. Some days it feel longer, but on nights like this where everyone is sleeping and quiet it seems like yesterday when I first started shopping for my tent shirts and had to learn how maternity pants worked. *sniff* Yeah, I'm gonna need those clothes back. At least for the memories.

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