Thursday, February 19, 2009

McDs and Peas

I am really thinking that Alexander will be our 'baby'. So I have been trying to enjoy him as much as I can. I don't stress about meeting all the milestones. I don't count his nursing sessions. I just enjoy him being a little baby. He apparently isn't on the same page as me since he decided to sit up pretty early and is about the size of a 12 mo old at just 6 mo, but I still pretend he is my tiny little boy.

Today we had his 6 mo check up. The chunkster (Caskey hates that I call him that) is 19 lbs and 26 inches long. No wonder my right arm and my back ache. The doctor asks how he is doing with solids. I told her that we haven't started yet; he seems to be gaining weight just fine on breastmilk only. I ask her if I can put it off another month and she said no, she prefers I start feeding him.

So off we went to McD's for a mommy-date while the kids played and run amok. I figure since we will be sitting I will try him on solids. He will reject them and it will buy me another week of not spoon-feeding him. I grab the bib, spoon, and food. I chose peas because I am sure he will reject the green foods.

Nope, the little stinker polishes off the entire jar! This child is determined to grow up faster than I would like.

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