Monday, February 23, 2009

A Little Man

My little man is growing up before my eyes. He is becoming his own person, with relationships outside of our family, plans, and ideas. Its amazing.

A few weeks ago he started talking about his birthday party and invitations. Then the next day a ziploc baggie appeared in his locker full of cards his friend Q made for him. Q had gone home and made him cards. It was so cute. Of course Connor needed to make paper airplanes, maps and other crafty things for Q and his other friends.

Connor wants to have a playdate with Q and has been trying to sell me on this playdate scheme all week. I kept telling him that I needed to speak to Q's mom, I don't know where Q lives, etc. On Friday I was told that Connor and Q have a playdate. Well, I answered just like I had all week long, "I don't even know where Q lives". "I have a map" pipes up Connor. And sure enough. He has a map. With the help of his teachers they labeled a map with Q's house and the preschool on it. Connor even gave Q his phone number. He had been listening to me all week long.

Then on Saturday we went to the salon to get my haircut. Well, Connor thought it was time to get his haircut. He wanted it spikey. Quite frankly its a welcome change because last I heard he wanted to grow it long like Lainy Ann's so he can be a girl. So short and spikey is just fine with me.

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