Friday, January 30, 2009

My Pink Prison

Those that really are in prison will laugh at this post. Fortunately for me I don't think they have internet access. ;-)

My prison is pink. It comes complete with cell phone, laptop with wireless internet, remote control, a cold glass of ice water, and various snacks. My prison is soft, it reclines, and its comfortable to sleep in. The problem is that I don't always want to be in my prison. That is what makes it a prison.

This is actually my 2nd prison. My first was also pink and a bit larger. I originally bought it when I was single and I enjoyed sitting in my pink chair with the massage feature. But after a child or two the electric cord was lost and my chair no longer massaged, although that's when I needed it most. Then after sitting it the chair for hours on end with a sleeping newborn or a pukey toddler. After cleaning the various bodily functions out of it and mickey mouse repair jobs in an effort to resurrect it, it was retired. A new pink prison was purchased. I cried. Yes, I mourned the loss of my original pink prison. The one I had nursed my 2 babies in. The chair that had been background to all the monthly infant photos.

My new pink prison serves the same functions. I sit here and act as feeder or bed to my infant child. Didn't you know that there is no better place to sleep than in mom's lap? Yes I am sitting in a temperature controlled house with all modern conveniences at my disposal, well, until my glass runs out of water. Then I'm stuck. Or I get hungry.

The older kids have discovered the best use for my pink prison. It means their freedom. Mom is being held down by a 17 lb bundle of love and they can wreak havoc. Havoc usually comes in the form of grazing in the kitchen. And the orchestrator is usually William. Just this week he asked for fruit leather. I said no, finish your sandwich. He must have heard, 'no, I won't open it'. Because he moved the chair, dug out the scissors and opened the fruit leather himself.

So this pink chair (which does nothing for our living room decor) is my prison and the ultimate freedom for the older kids. And I will weep when it bites the dust. Because it is the center of our family life.

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