Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Linus II

William drags his blankies everywhere. And the more the better. The number of blankies he is using at any given time ranges from 3 to 8. Yes, I know he is nearly 2 1/2, but we have a lot going on with speech, a new baby and potty training. It seems blankies and the pacifier have become acceptable, even though the dentist and speech therapist would like the pacifier gone . . .

At bedtime William goes through this involved process of piling his blankies on the pillow, then he puts his head down and a few more on top of his face. The covers must also be all the way up to his neck, more covers is better. He has his favorite of the blankies, the blue one with the strings all pulled out. He will hold one string stretched out all the way against the tip of his nose. He is also quite fond of the tags on the blankets.

Well, it seems we have another to follow in his footsteps. Alexander has become a blankie lover too. He has his own set of new receiving blankets as I knew William wouldn't want to share. Williams blankets, however, were purchased when Connor was a baby. Some of the neutral ones were actually purchased for Lainy Ann - but they all are William's now. And please don't confuse the blankets because William will set you straight, "my blankie" or "badees (baby's )blankie".

Now that Alexander can grasp things he really enjoys holding onto his blanket and chewing on it. I have tried the pacifier, all 6 brands. He was totally uninterested. We also tried rings, keys, and teething rings. Nope. But he loves holding the blanket in his right hand and chewing on it. So when I put him in the crib I am sure he can grasp the blanket.

A few times during nap time I have gone in to check on him only to find a pile of blankets. No Alexander. I peaked under his blanket and found him sleeping peacefully. So I diligently removed the blankets from his face (you know, SIDs risk) and left him to sleep. An hour later I went back to check on him and he is missing, AGAIN. He had pulled the blanket back over his face.

So it seems we have two Linus' in this house.

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