Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashing Lights @ CEC

Chuck E Cheese gets a bad wrap; its loud, its sticky, the food is mediocre, its loud, did I mention its loud? We only go when I can go with a friend. We are able to sit and visit while the kids burn through 200 coins in 2 hours. But if you plan it right its really not that bad. We go during the off hours and have found a newer franchise so it isn't quite so sticky. We have picked the best table so we can keep an eye on the kids and keep the babies entertained.

So we got there early ordered a pizza and 200 tokens. 200 should be enough for 6 kids, right? We caught up on school, taxes, husbands, and dreams for the future. We giggled while the babies 'talked' to each other. I burned through half a package of wipes to clean hands, table, hands, and hands. The babies each had a teething cracker and we changed 3 diapers and 3 outfits. A good time was had by all.

It was time to leave. Now *you* try to organize 6 walking children, 2 babies and various bags and baby gear to leave CEC. I got two kids, told them to sit, but the blinking lights were too attractive and they wandered off. Then we were missing 3 kids, so we split up, one parent to man the 5 we had located and one to find the missing kids. Fortunately they were all together, not surprisingly in the big kid area which we had designated as off-limits due to poor visibility. Then it was time to clean the table. I sent the older two to throw away trash. Those darn flashing lights lured them in again. LOL

Finally we split them up. Once I got my four kids together I made a beeline for the door lest we lose another child. My friend did the same. SUCCESS!!!!! It only took 20 minutes to leave the building.

I have decided that the hardest part about Chuck E Cheese is the leaving.

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