Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breaking into The Biz

Yup! Take a walk at Grauman's Chinese Theater and you will see the name Dickson on the sidewalk. We are ready for the limousine, the paparazzi and the red carpet. Sort of. But the Dicksons have made their first television debut, sort of.

Living in Los Angeles everyone knows someone who is in the business. Its really hard not to. There are so many people that go into making a commercial, tv show or film; from the big wigs like the directors and producers all the way down to Craft Food Service and the chauffeurs. So we have a friend who knows someone who is shooting a spec commercial. For those not in the biz (and me, just a week ago). That means this person is shooting a fake commercial to be added to his portfolio so he can get a job. It won't actually be aired. And the kids didn't get paid.

It was advertised as a chaotic birthday party or a parent's worse nightmare. So we signed up! We took extra on-camera clothes, towels and lots of wipes. The kids had a blast. There were scenes of kids running with frosting on their faces, unwrapping gifts, swinging on a jungle gym and all of them with no parents around. Connor did such a great job following directions that he was picked to be the lead kid in the 'spilling the dog food' scene. I was so proud of him. The director and his team kept talking about his great look and facial expressions.

So, now I am hooked! I think I am going to get Alexander signed up to do some work - I got a bunch of comments about him too, especially with his easy going disposition. I also told the director that Connor would be available for more shoots. He seemed excited about that.

It certainly did make for a fun day, although a bit long. There was a lot of hurry up and wait. But a lot of our friends were there and the kids had free-reign on the play equipment and snack table. Here are some pictures of the more exciting moments.

C getting directions

c dog food


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  1. Oh, it sounds like you had a blast! Love Connor's facial expression in the top photo!