Monday, January 12, 2009

The Balloon Popped

The sound of the balloon popping broke my heart. I wanted to turn back the clock and save him from this heart break. I wanted to hold him while he cried and I wanted to cry too.

Connor is a shy guy. If you ask him what he wants to do he usually answers, "What Lainy Ann is doing." At the commercial shoot he was great about following directions if I was able to separate him from Lainy Ann. He even had fun doing it.

Near the end of the other actors started making balloon animals for the kids. He was making flowers for the girls and swords for the boys. Lainy Ann is so forward she was one of the first to ask for one and one of the first to get one; a pretty pink flower with a green stem. I had to shush her because she kept asking for a second one. The balloon maker went on to make swords for all the other boys, he was patient, he waited. But he was persistent. He made sure the balloon maker didn't forget. Connor would tug on his sleeve and remind him that Connor wanted a sword AND a sword holder.

He got his sword and sword holder. Then a lesson on how to properly hold the sword and to not hit mommy with the sword. That a good Samurai doesn't hit his mother. LOL He listened so carefully. Then he and Lainy Ann proceeded to sword fight; him with his sword and her with her flower.

Joe arrived back after his last scene. But he didn't have a sword. Melanie told him that he didn't need one. But I blinked and Connor was gone. He had left the room to go find the balloon maker. I was really surprised. Not only is he good about staying with me, but he had gone to ask the balloon maker to make Joe a sword. My shy Connor was asking a stranger for a favor. Connor came back. The balloon maker was trying to leave since he was late for an appointment, but Connor wouldn't drop it. "Please can you make a sword for my friend Joe". When the balloon maker realized that Joe was the only child without a balloon he took the time to make one.

Then the sword fighting began. The fought all the way down the driveway, across the street, to the car, while buckled into car seats in the drive-thru lane, and on the drive home. Then they begged and pleaded to be able to sword fight in the front yard. But it was WAY past bedtime and both husbands wanted a break from child care. We finally relented, "just 3 minutes".

As they got out of the care I yelled out the reminder, "the balloons may pop on the grass". But Connor didn't hear me. His too-tired body didn't lift his leg enough to step onto the grass. He tripped and fell landing on the balloon. POP He started sobbing and tears welled up in my eyes.

This couldn't be fixed. I offered light sabers, but it wasn't the same. The three minutes of play was taken up by sobbing. Joe left. Connor laid on the carpet and sobbed "I want my balloon sword" It went on for 30 minutes. He was over-tired. He was hungry. He had had a long hard day working.

How I wished for a balloon sword.

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  1. I can imagine the heartbreak. Poor Connor. Such a sweet boy.

    My little guy has had his heart broken over balloons that have floated away...