Monday, January 12, 2009

4 lbs of grapes

Being a family of 6 in today's society has its challenges. Although when you watch shows like the Duggars or Jon and Kate +8 our 4 children doesn't seem like a lot. But when we go into a restaurant by ourselves we get an extra large booth. When we add the grandparents our number is 8. And on the bottom of most menus 8 qualifies as a large group where they add the gratuity to our bill. If I join with just one other family to attend a museum, zoo, or other outing we can often times qualify for a group discount. Its just shocking.

Recently we traveled north to visit family. The trip is too long to do in one day so we stop off on the way and spend the night. So I called ahead to make our reservations. It was required that I book 2 rooms. Only 4 people are allowed per room. In Vegas its only 2 people per room then they start charging $25/additional person.

I make 4 lunches every day, which equals 6 sandwiches. So now I find myself shopping at Costco weekly for our basic essentials; eggs, milk, bread, peanut butter, and produce. Recently someone joked about why people buy 4 pounds of grapes at Costco. Our family actually eats 4 pounds of grapes each week. Let's not count the bananas.

A few other numbers:
we go through one roll of toilet paper daily
fill up our trash can daily
do one load of dishes in the dishwasher
two loads of dishes if I make side dishes
3 loads of laundry daily

If we have another baby we will need a new car. As it is we have to take 2 cars when we go with my mother somewhere. We can't give other children a ride home.

So, today I am off to Costco to buy essentials for our growing family. Its fun to have such a big family, although a bit challenging with today's societal norms.

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