Saturday, December 20, 2008

White Envelope

I hope by now you have read the story of the White Envelope. I first came across it when Lainy Ann was an infant and I was melding our two families into a new family with a new set of traditions. This one seemed too perfect and wonderful to pass up. Since then we have often donated and given anonymously to those in need; sometimes through the church, school or police station. This year has been a record of giving for us.

First it started with the fires. An acquaitance of mine lost her home. She has two children; the same ages as William and Alexander. Her infant was just 6 weeks old when they were left with nothing. The fires came so fast that they were lucky to escape with their lives. So I gathered 4 large bins of kids clothing, towels, sheets, and blankets. By the end of the following day they had more than enough for their kids; they were getting multiples of bouncy's, high chairs and cribs. It was so heartwarming.

Times are getting tough all over and people are having to cut back on the basic necessities. Last week we had some wild weather for Southern California; freezing temperatures, rain, hail and some snow. Some children were seen going to school in sandals and no coats. They too had fallen on hard times. The PTA was able to get the two families food, but they were still in need of clothing for their 7 children.

So, the kids and I got up early this morning to brave the mall. A few hours later we had basic winter wardrobes for 6 of the kids, including coats, jammies and hats.

I'm not posting this to show-off, but to remind us all that no matter how little we all think we have, someone else has less. No matter how tight things are for your family, someone else is having a harder time making ends meet.

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