Thursday, December 25, 2008

"It was the Worst Christmas Ever!"

"It was the Worst Christmas Ever!" says Connor while he is screaming and crying. Silly me, and I thought it was the best Christmas ever. You see, this year we stayed home. It was as low stress as possible with shopping done 10 days before Christmas, cards mailed in the first week of December and little cooking to be done. Caskey and I had even gone to bed at a decent hour since we got the wrapping done in a timely fashion.

This morning was fabulous. It was slightly rainy with low clouds. The perfect day to stay indoors. Connor tore through all this gifts yelling, "WOW. I have wanted this forever. WOW!" Lainy Ann was in heaven sorting the gifts and reading all the tags. 45 minutes into gift-opening and Lainy Ann had only opened one gift (2 pairs of jammies from me - she hugged me and said, "thank you for the jammies mommy, they are my favorite") and Connor has opened nearly all of his. She had so much fun just sorting and helping. William wandered around the living room stealing everyone's candy and playing with already opened toys - none of them were his. And Alexander thankfully sat quietly and watched it all while Caskey and I ran back and forth rescuing toys from their prison-boxes.

It went better than I hoped. No complaints of 'he got more toys than me' or 'santa forgot to bring me something'. They were very happy to unwrap presents and ooh and aah.

I have some really wonderful pictures of all the boys involved in various Jedi fights throughout the day. We had 3 light sabers and even a custom jedi-robe to play with. Papa even got into the action fending off attacks from both Connor and William. Later I found Papa on the kitchen floor with William playing with monster trucks. And Grandma was found 'organizing' Lainy Ann's box of craft supplies. Caskey got light sabers of his own, to use on the Wii.

Jedi Connor

It was a lazy Christmas day. The kids ate too much candy. Watched too many movies and played too many video games. Because it was a rainy day they chased each other through the house with light sabers and Nerf guns. I'm even missing some silly putty, but the day was just too great to be worried about a mess I will find later.

So we skipped naps and never had a proper lunch. Then we rushed out of the house at 2 pm to have Christmas Dinner at my mother's house with extended family. More craziness ensued as the kids chased through her house of 25+ guests and fine china and crystal while waving their light sabers. Nothing was broken and only the kids got bopped on the head.

Suddenly, the magic disappeared. TEARS! CRYING! SCREAMING! It all ended with a hasty exit to the car and Connor screaming, "It was the worst Christmas ever." The good news is that tomorrow when he remembers all his cool gifts and the few that are still unopened he will forget about tonights tantrum.

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