Friday, December 12, 2008

No Rice Cereal

Its liberating having my fourth child. It was a huge learning curve with Lainy Ann. I read numerous books and thought they were right, even though half the time they were contradictory. I tried feeding her on a schedule, back to sleep, introduced vegetables first at 4 months. Then I had Connor and he was a boy, so things were slightly different. But by the time I was pregnant with William I figured I had a girl and I had a boy, so this time it would be pretty much the same.

Well, William had another idea. He was a skinny minny who worried me about his weight and eating habits. Then when he was 18 months old and still not saying any words I was worried about his speech. But we navigated the choppy waters of Early Intervention and speech. And I realized that his weight was him, not a factor of being under-fed.

So now that Alexander is here I am even more relaxed. We recently had his 4 month appointment where we discovered a whopping weight of 16 lbs and 3 oz. He is quite the chunker. The pediatrician suggested I start rice cereal at close to 4 months. I politely told her no. I don't like using rice cereal and I was going to wait until he was closer to 6 months. She gave me some other advice to and I explained how I would be doing it a little differently. She listened and realized I had good reasons.

Its just liberating having my own opinions on raising my child and not feeling like the doctor knows best. Sometimes, we, as mothers, know what is best for our children and for our family. I find it more and more enjoyable and relaxing to be a parent with each subsequent child. Just imagine how relaxed I would be if we had 10 children.

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