Friday, December 5, 2008

Mmmmmm smells good

Scents have always been very important to me. I associate scents with seasons; Christmas is cinnamon and pine, spring is Jasmine and flowers, fall the crisp leaves and pumpkin and summer smells of beach.

I don't usually get to have scented items in the house. Before children I liked to have a vanilla scented candle burning, or maybe even a raspberry scented one. But Caskey is really opposed to scents, so these days I sneak them in or bake in order to get them into the house.

But just last week as the kids were taking their baths and getting ready for bed one of my favorite scents wafted through the hotel. It was fruity and reminded me of my childhood. I couldn't quite place the smell so I started to try to figure out where it came from. *sniff* no, it wasn't a new soap on my hands. *sniff* maybe the kids had something different to eat? *sniff* is it in the sheets? WATERMELON bubblicious bubble gum!!! I figured it out.

I continued to change diapers, fetch jammies, and fill sippy cups as I enjoyed the smell, but tried to figure out where the smell was coming from. I haven't purchased bubble gum in years. So I collected a pacifier and a blanket, and dug out a favorite book . . . . DAMN!!!!!! The realization hit me. Watermelon SHAMPOO. Since the scent was filling the house that means too much was being used. I sprinted into the bathroom to find an empty container of shampoo and William buried in bubbles. The entire brand-new bottle had been dumped into the bathtub. $2 down the drain, literally.

So I salvaged some of the shampoo to finish out the baths for the evening and the remaining two baths had to be showers with assistance since the entire bathtub was slippery from shampoo.

William has to stop dumping. Or maybe I should buy a stinky smelling shampoo so it would alert me right away rather than me enjoying the scent and then being reminded later of the big mess.

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