Friday, December 12, 2008

Have a Green Day

Connor is the most empathetic and sensitive child I have, so far. The vote is still out on Alexander. William, well, so far he seems to be a lot like Lainy Ann - very busy and very loud and very, um, in charge (read: stubborn).

Lainy Ann had quite a bit of trouble at the beginning of the school year. So we spent a lot of time on the drive to school talking about how to behave. Lainy Ann's school has a color behavior system. Green is good behavior, followed by yellow, red and the dreaded blue.

Connor started early on coaching Lainy Ann on the appropriate behavior. Even commenting on how he handles certain situations in school; by raising his hand and waiting patiently. Ever since those early days of September he began wishing Lainy Ann, "Have a Green Day" as she left the car. Here is it late in December and he is still wishing her a "Green Day". What a good little boy!

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