Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paper Dolls - Modernized

McDonald's new Happy Meal toy is a Barbie. We have strict rules in this house about EVERYONE, including dolls, must be appropriately dressed. Lainy Ann is sitting on the couch playing with two of her new dolls. One of the dolls is wearing a pink strapless dress, strictly inappropriate. So Caskey asks me to hand him a sharpie. He is presumably going to draw straps on this Barbie. I remembered that I had 24 different colored sharpie markers. I have saved Barbie from a huge fashion faux pas; black straps and a pink dress.

Once Lainy Ann sees what Daddy is doing she agrees, "She wasn't dressed appropriately." Caskey even managed to make her plunging neckline less plunging. But then the requests started. "Can you put a purple bracelet on her?" "A necklace too?" "The other doll also needs a necklace."

So Lainy Ann and Caskey sat on the couch decorating Barbie dolls.

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