Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I know next week is Thanksgiving dinner, but one of the main reasons we remodeled the kitchen was for the big baking holidays. I have already baked dozens of cupcakes at once to see if the oven was up for the big job. It was. We have hosted a few parties and the kitchen has performed marvelously. So a turkey was the next logical challenge. I am making an amended Thanksgiving dinner for tonight; Turkey (with brine), sweet potatoes, stuffing, peas, and pumpkin pies. I have been talking with the kids about this meal for a week now. They have been helping as I gathered the ingredients, prepared the turkey, cooked the brine and baked the pies. William has been trained that each time we talk about the turkey he walks to the kitchen, opens the fridge and points to the turkey.

So I remind the kids this morning that I will be cooking the turkey today. Lainy Ann innocently asks, "So are you going through drive-thru or making something else for me?" Um, What?! I'm making turkey for dinner. "Yeah", she says, "But I told you I don't like it and I'm not eating it". "Then I guess you are going to be hungry", I replied.

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